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Inspired by the beauty of the Peak District countryside, and by the richness and warmth of my Icelandic sheep's fleece.

I design a range of textiles and woollen items based on the natural colours of my sheep's fleeces and on the colours and textures of the surrounding countryside.

I try to mirror the harmony of the landscape in my products, to achieve a rich palette of seasonal colours which reflect the very special character of the Peak District. 

I use a hand operated knitting machine to realise my designs - I like the immediacy of how the machine responds to my ideas.

The Machine Knitting Studio@dewsnaps enables you to buy beautiful, handmade accessories, garments or homeware, buy a kit to make them yourself, or even have lessons to learn how to use a knitting machine.









Two of our stone barns have been converted into luxurious holiday cottages, bookable direct or through English Country Cottages (see www.dewsnaps.co.uk or use the adjacent link ).

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